Niagara Falls Proposal Photos

May 7, 2021

LEVI & AMBER’s Niagara Falls Proposal Photos

When Levi reached out and told me he wanted Niagara Falls proposal photos, my heart skipped a beat! I don’t know about you, but proposals always get me. Cue the waterworks- (pun intended)! I knew I had to keep my cool photographing such a sweet life moment for them.

Niagara Falls State Park can be tricky to navigate as far as photos go. You never know if you will get a complete wall of mist that can hide the Horseshoe Falls. Also, you never know how crowded it will be. Our first order of business, was choosing the perfect spot! We landed on Three Sisters Island, since there was a cool stone bridge and places you could sneak away from the crowds.

Levi and Amber were coming from Ohio and have never seen Niagara Falls before. Planning with Levi to make sure we had a perfect plan in place, was key. I decided I would play tourist, with a bright yellow rain jacket so he couldn’t miss me even if he tried, but I could still blend in. We walked right past each-other for a moment and I locked eyes with Levi and gave him a “THIS IS HAPPENING” look for a second.

As soon as he dropped down to one knee I sprinted over to get Amber’s adorable reaction. I think he did a great job surprising her because she was completely caught off guard. Especially since all week he had been saying how lame it would be to propose at Niagara Falls, (obviously we all disagree haha).

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