Darek & Lindsey | Fall Engagement Session | Chestnut Ridge Park- Orchard Park, NY

November 4, 2020

Lindsey and Darek have been long time friends through volleyball since I was 16 so I have known these two for quite some time. When they asked me to photograph their engagement photos I just knew we would need to include the dogs, and get Darek to not flip me off or make funny faces the entire time. 

Usually when clients want to bring dogs along to their session they are not human sized, but Phia and Pepper are a little bigger than my little pocket sized dogs lol. We decided it would be best to meet at their house and take some in the backyard instead of making them go for the long ride, which worked out perfectly!

We arrived at Chestnut Ridge Park and they told me they once got locked in after the park closed and told me the story of them trying to move the boulders near the entrance gate haha. I mean you aren’t from Buffalo unless you almost get locked or lost in Chestnut Ridge Park lol. 

I’m not going to lie, I was having too much fun making Darek uncomfortable and having him pick Lindsey up a bunch of times until he was out of breath. Afterwards, we found a praying mantis on her boot, which I’m a nerd and love looking up meanings of things to see if they are signs of anything.

Praying Mantis Meaning- power of stillness, patience, balance, calmness. 

I am so happy for these two and I am so lucky to have them as such supportive and amazing friends! We finished the night with some beers and jam burgers at Griffin Gastropub and it was literally the most perfect night I’ve had in a really long time!



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