Jenna & Bill | East Aurora, NY

June 18, 2020

I am so proud of my best friend for talking her cutie of a boyfriend into doing a creek session with me. He was definitely pushed out of his comfort zone. I’ve been asking/bribing him with beers for months to do one! I told him we can meet at one of their favorite hiking trails- Hunter’s Creek, East Aurora and to bring their dog, Buttercup! My husband and I brought both our dogs, a large pizza, and a cooler of beers. I think it did the trick! Here’s what he said about the experience:

“Michelle did an amazing job with our pictures. I was very apprehensive and uncomfortable with having my picture taken, but she has a great way with people and ability to get you to pose in a way that makes it feel very natural. And the pictures came out amazing!”

I literally could not have asked for a better compliment! My goal for everyone in front of my camera is to relax with their honey and have a good time!

Also, thank you Jenna for allowing me to completely choose/buy you a new outfit for this session! I had a vision of what I wanted the photos to look like and I think we completely nailed the vibe. Luckily, I was able to talk Bill out of wearing his cutoff jorts from his HULK halloween costume lol…



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