Nicole & Keith | Garrett Memorial Chapel

September 18, 2020

I have not found much that gives me the same rush of stepping on the court for a big game until I started photographing important life events for other people. When Nicole had emailed me a month or so ago and told me she was putting together her intimate wedding in a short time frame due to COVID, I googled the chapel she had listed on her inquiry and knew right away I had to make it happen. The chapel itself was built in 1930 with a view of Keuka Lake, right off its balcony, talk about straight out of a fairytale movie!

Meeting a couple ON their wedding day was very nerve racking but as soon as I saw Keith’s welcoming smile and his family glowing beside him, I felt right at home. I could feel the excitement right as I stepped out of my car.

In no time, Nicole arrived in her stretch limo and when she got out her family were all so excited to see her. She looked like an absolute angel and we both laughed as we said our hellos! Her Dad sweetly held her dress up before they made their grand entrance. Even though this was only a very small ceremony, it still had such BIG FEELS. Luckily, you could still see the teary eyes with masks on.

We could not get over how picturesque it was and I found myself saying, ok just one more picture over here again and again. We had so much fun together, but Nicole and Keith were just so easy to be around and it was so nice to hit it off with a couple so sweet right away. It was such an incredible day that I will never forget!






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