Boho Adirondack Mountain Elopement

January 25, 2022

If you are on the fence of whether or not to have a large wedding or just say “frick it” and elope. Trust me I do get the guilt of leaving everyone out as you celebrate, but the best part is you get to go do whatever you want, it’s YOUR day.

Eloping doesn’t mean you are selfish, there are plenty of ideas to incorporate your family to make them feel loved! You can rent out a beautiful Air BnB and have a big cozy dinner followed by cake cutting. No one says you can’t have parent dances or any other tradition that is special to you! You get to make the rules here.

You also get to decide how you spend your time during the day. Having a cup of coffee when you wake up, getting ready together, playing games at lunch, heading out for a hike to a beautiful location for photos. There is so much you can fit into your special day. It doesn’t have to be these grand events on a strict timeline. I will help with planning for photos but it is also important to prioritize the things that you actually want to do together!

Having a meaningful and connected day allows everyone to be present in the moment. My goal for you is to not only look back at the photos and see them visually, but feel those moments all over again. If you are on the fence about eloping please reach out, I would love to chat and support you in any way possible.

Here is all the inspiration you need for your Adirondack Mountain elopement!

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