How to Plan a Tropical Destination Wedding

March 11, 2022

So you’re planning your destination wedding, huh? CONGRATULATIONS, LOVERS!!! How freaking exciting! The world of wedding planning can be intimidating enough, but throwing in traveling to a different country (in most cases) can add even more stress. If that sounds like what you’ve been experiencing, you’ve come to the right place. As a full-time intimate wedding and elopement photographer, trust me when I say: I gotchu. I’m here to let you in on:

How to Plan a Tropical Destination Wedding

Check the Weather + Plan Accordingly

This might be an obvious one but it can easily be overlooked with all the hustle and bustle of planning a destination wedding. If you’ve always dreamt of having a wedding party and them dressing to the nines, despite 100º weather… linen suits and flip flops for the guys are your friend! Seriously, cannot recommend enough. Linen suits still have a classy vibe without a tuxedo material. For the bridesmaids, knee-length and breezy dresses will make for a very happy wedding party 😉

Research your Resort’s Packages

This one is something I wasn’t totally familiar with at first. If you’re tying the knot at a resort, be sure to thoroughly look over the packages to see what is included. Again, an obvious tip… but trust me. A lot of resort destination wedding packages include a photographer (and videographer) – and you’ll have to do ****a lot*** of pushing back to use someone else. If you have your heart set on a photographer from back home traveling to come shoot your wedding, be sure there are no hidden fees for opting out of the resort-provided services. 

Take Advantage of the Scenery

Most destination wedding locations are chosen because you and your lover have been there before and LOVED it. From the scenery, to the resort vibes… your destination is undoubtedly beautiful. My biggest encouragement is to scope our locations that you want photos done. Keep in mind how strong the sun is – any photographer will tell you how difficult it is to shoot in direct sunlight (plus, nobody wants to have squinty eyes in their portraits). Most photographers will do location scouting before your big day, but it’s always nice to have some backups!

Sneak out During Golden Hour

You already know where I’m going with this one. After you’ve tied the knot, take some time as a couple to sneak out with your photographer for some epic golden hour shots along the beach. Truly, there is something so romantic about the sun setting beyond the ocean’s horizon. 10/10 recommend. And another bonus? This can allow you and your lover to reflect on the day up until that point – away from all the craziness. Soak it up, babes. 

Don’t Give Up Your Party

A huge misconception when planning a destination wedding is that you can’t still have a hype dance party. I’m here to tell you that is FALSE. There is nothing more fun than hitting the dance floor with your closest friends and family in an epic location. Even if you are still planning a reception back home, take advantage of being in paradise with your people.

Planning your tropical destination wedding doesn’t need to be a headache. Had you thought of all the tips listed in How to Plan a Tropical Destination Wedding? Let me know below! If you’re looking for more wedding planning tips, I’d love to be friends over on the ‘gram @michellegodfreyphoto. Still looking for more tropical destination inspo? Head over to my Tulum, Mexico Magic blog!



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