Alex & Maddie | Medina, NY

May 29, 2020

With everything going on I have been following all the rules and holding off on any new sessions to keep myself and my clients safe, but I would be lying if I didn’t say I was DYING to shoot again. We are so close to being allowed to work with clients and enter into the next phase, fingers crossed! That being said I BEGGED my brother if he would do a fun little shoot I’d been envisioning. It also happened to be their 6th year anniversary that weekend, so he got some brownie points I think, especially being such a trooper in the 90 degree sun and putting jeans on for the first time in months haha!

I had seen the yellow fields around their house in Medina, NY when we went kayaking down Oak Orchard River (it’s more of a creek lol) a few days prior where we saw a freaking BALD EAGLE YALL! So much fun and I didn’t tip my kayak this time haha!

This pandemic has been really tough on everyone but it has brought me closer to my brothers as they call me when they get bored just to chat which caught me way off guard at first. I hope we can keep it going because our convos are hilarious. I really miss hugging my nieces and nephews but I really love hanging out with my bros and getting to know them more as the amazing fathers they have become. They are also now readily available to help me fix the projects I mess up, in true dad fashion lol.

I seriously could not get this shoot out of my head when I saw this yellow field and I knew my brothers Harley would looks awesome in it. I just needed to put together an outfit for Maddie, luckily I had a cute dress, a badass fringe vest I got from Secondhand Chic on Elmwood and a selection of cute hats and Al was able to go get a plain black t-shirt from Tractor Co. lol!

Thank you to Alex and Maddie, love you guys so much!



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