Skaneateles, New York Intimate Wedding

April 22, 2022

No amount of rain could’ve put a damper on this Skaneateles, New York intimate wedding at the historic Sherwood Inn. Having a game plan of how you would handle rain on your wedding day can make the biggest difference. Before we get into my tips on how to survive a rainy wedding day, I have got to gush about Brittany and James’ big day.

Skaneateles Wedding

Brittany and James fully embraced every single aspect of their rainy wedding day. It was such an honor to capture their intentional, intimate day; they were surrounded by the most supportive and loving circle. One of my favorite things that still stands out to me to this day was that they got ready together. Yep, that’s right. The ladies had the top floor of the Sherwood Inn and the guys had the bottom floor. Before Brittany or James were dressed, the wedding party gathered for some celebratory champagne to soothe those pre-wedding jitters.

Not only did they accept that the entire day would be filled with rain, they rolled with it. I mean, who doesn’t love to dance around in the rain?! I swear, they were honestly the poster children for “how to survive a rainy wedding day”. So, let’s get into it!

4 Tips to Survive a Rainy Wedding Day

Embrace the HECK Out of It

You probably never pictured the rain “ruining” your day. But that’s just the thing: don’t let it. Take a moment to be sad about it… and then move on. What matters the most is that you get to marry your BEST FRIEND, while being surrounded by all the people that mean the most to you. What’s a little water-falling-from-the-sky anyway?! 

Purchase Clear Umbrellas Ahead of Time

The week (or 10 days) before your wedding, watch the forecast like a hawk! The weather (especially in New York) is unpredictable. If there’s even the slightest chance of rain, buy some clear umbrellas. My best suggestion is to purchase enough for your wedding party. You can always return them!

Have a Game Plan

Not only should you come up with a game plan with your wedding coordinator or venue, but also discuss it with your photographer. Familiarize yourself with some nearby locations that could potentially work for some photos. Whether you’re having an intimate or large wedding, having options will be a game-changer!

Seek Natural Light

Look… it’s just a fact that photos are the best in natural light. But the vibes that flash photography can create is seriously so cool (in my opinion). Discussing with your photographer ahead of time what indoor photos would look like will help ensure your expectations are the same.

So there we have it, loves. Brittany and James’ Skaneateles, New York intimate wedding is all you need to give you inspiration on how to survive a rainy wedding day. If you’re looking for more Wedding tips, CLICK HEREfor the latest on the blogs. And as always, I’d love to be friends on Instagram (@michellegodfreyphoto). 

Vendor List:

Photography: Michelle Godfrey Photography
Florals: Fleur de lis Floral Design
Hair & Makeup: The Emerson
Dress: Lovely Bride Rochester NY
Venue: The Sherwood Inn



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